"I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams."

March 2017


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Dec. 31st, 2036

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Mar. 7th, 2017

Iron Author: March 2017

Theme: Full of scorpions is my mind.

Appetiser: Miscarriage (Dmitri/Giulietta) [100]
She always thought it’d have been his work that would tear them apart. If anything it had to be his work. He kept so many secrets from her – much more than Max ever did, funnily enough. He didn’t let on how much pressure had been put on him to have a child – a successor who would be raised and groomed and worked to death like he was – and perhaps the sad thing was that their relationship ended because of everyone else.

But, so crippled by her grief, not once did she stop to think about how the miscarriage affected him.

Main Course: Radiation Poisoning (Misha/Sasha) [427]
“How long have you known?”

You’d never think that someone like young Petrovsky could be described as haggard, but he only went home when Marius could coax him out of his seat and the young man had enough trouble trying to make sure Dmitri wouldn’t drown himself in his own bathtub – he’d rather not give him a razor or anything sharp that he could hurt himself with.

Not that Katharina or anyone else saw or heard any of this.

She stormed over and grabbed him by the collar of his worn t-shirt. The door rattled as she slammed his back against the wall. There was no one here to intervene – no one here to remind the lowly woman what her place was in St. Petersburg and what she could and couldn’t do to the Petrovsky prince. She slapped him hard enough that you could hear the echoes of the impact bouncing off the barren walls of the private waiting room. He winced, but that was the only reaction he’d given her all day.

“How long have you known?” she screamed, because she needed someone to blame for this and it was too easy to blame the man who’d let her love rot and almost perish in a Moscow prison for years even though the Germans who were trying to save their test tube son were probably equally culpable.

If she was honest with herself she had seen the signs for months. He’d been starting and finishing work later – tired all the time, slept a lot more – he didn’t even bother to feign interest in the conversations she’d start with him anymore, there were specks of smeared blood on his clothes that he’d been coughing up. Even in hindsight the oddly distant ADJUTANT must have known something that no one else did. So many signs, but.

If she was honest with herself, she should have blamed Misha. Her stalwart, silent love whom she would bother with all the little things that annoyed her, would never worry her with something as trivial as the fact that he was dying. But as he laid comatosed in the hospital bed she couldn’t bring herself to blame or fault him for anything.

As he laid dying she could only weep helplessly – everything about St. Petersburg had made her so helpless since she was young enough to catch the old Falcon’s eye – and the only person who could bring her any comfort was the son of the monster who’d terrorised all who dared to come to this city seeking the St. Petersburg Dream.

Main Course: Dementia (Gene/Andrew) [389]
“You should go see him.”

Andrew’s brows furrowed as he averted his gaze. He had only agreed to meet this soldier because Aislin said her brother – for all the things he’s done with impunity wearing that uniform – was a good man. He thought he’d made himself clear that he had no interest in going back to Moscow for any reason. Of course, he knew at the back of his mind that his father wasn’t getting any younger, but he didn’t imagine that this day would come.

“You know what he’s like. I can’t get close to him.”

He doesn’t know what he’s like. There’s no guarantee he’ll even remember your name. I know he’s done a lot of things you’re not proud of, but he’s also done a lot of good for this world, and-“

“If I came to you in Moscow and told you William was dying would you have come to see him?”

Daniel abruptly fell silent. Andrew can tell he wants to protest – wants to say that things are somehow different with his father, even though his father had also done a lot of things he wasn’t proud of despite having done a lot of good for St. Petersburg. If he’d wanted to see William on his deathbed he didn’t have the added bonus of having to deal with someone who could control his mind. Even though, yes, both men were manipulative and exploitative in their own ways.

“I don’t think that ma- my father, died with any regrets. But I know – I know – the Secretary will, if he doesn’t get to see you one last time.” That was the curse that William left behind for his children. They were all empathic to one thing or another.

“If he can’t even remember my name what’s the point of going to see him?”

“Because he remembers holding you when you fell off that tree. He knows he’s taught you the name of every star in the sky. He stayed awake every night you dreamwalked until you could control it so you wouldn’t wake up in tears from someone else’s nightmare. I know – the whole bloody Council knows – what it’s like when he’s inside our heads. I’m not asking you to forgive him. I’m just asking you if you’ll let him be a father again before he dies.”

Dessert: Abuse (Aiko/David) [200]
What would it take to break one of the finest dolls that the Cartel has ever manufactured?

That was a question many soldiers have found themselves asking. The Cartel has shown time and time again that it would rather terminate an inexperienced agent than hand over sensitive information. It’s curious then that the English boy is still here. Curled up in the corner of his cell, in the end it’s not the strongest or most invasive methods but the gentle touch of a familiar hand that finally cracks the lacquer.

“Don’t,” he’s pleading, the first word he’s said in days. She runs her fingers through dirty locks of her half-brother’s hair and hums the melody of Scarborough Fair, the lullaby his mother used to sing to him in the bowels of Volgograd. She has to force him to calm down so that he can savour the depth of his pain and fear when she makes him relive every moment he spent writhing beneath Sergey Petrovsky’s shadow.

What would it take to break one of the finest dolls that the Cartel has ever manufactured? Break him again, in the exact same way the Cartel had broken him all those years ago.

Feb. 1st, 2014

28 Days of Writing.

01/02/2014: Cersei/Jaime. )

02/02/2014: Aislin/Andrew (AU). )

03/02/2014: Cal/Lana. )

04/02/2014: Medusa/Poseidon. )

05/02/2014: Brandon/Lucas. )

06/02/2014: Erik/Marcus. )

07/02/2014: Anton/Mikhail (AU). )

08/02/2014: Eddard/Robert (AU). )

09/02/2014: Lucifer/Michael )

10/02/2014: Tyki/Kane. )

11/02/2014: Michael/Terrence. )

12/02/2014: Alexei/Anton/Milena. )

13/02/2014: Jaime/Lorenzo [AU]. )

14/02/2014: Katharina/Mikhail. )

15/02/2014: Lasse/Michael. )

16/02/2014: Cal/David. )

17/02/2014: Conrad/Ludwig. )

18/02/2014: Toby. )

19/02/2014: Adrian/Ilya. )

20/02/2014: Jamie/Ryan. )

21/02/2014: Anton/David. )

22/02/2014: Catelyn/Eddard. )

23/02/2014: Salvatore/Tres. )

24/02/2014: John. )

25/02/2014: Ares. )

26/02/2014: Francis/Michael. )

27/02/2014: Dmitri/Giulietta. )

28/02/2014: Envy/Pride. )

Sep. 18th, 2013

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